nuts to think some guy is sitting there hijacking for a couple of hours lololol


@valiant surely your peers are gonna enjoy that. way to get some reputation for your AS

@xbytez hahaha, if you look up the AS the guy has his name on it. It could be fake but regardless, someone is probably getting people turn up at the door 👀

@xbytez most likely, RIP - How has no one looked in to securing all this? D:

"BGP is both a backbone protocol to the Internet and the cause behind hundreds if not thousands of daily outages. Because of its antiquated design, and a lack of adoption of encryption or automatic verification methods, there is a lack of control to prevent these outages." RIP

@valiant it's all about trust! I like BGP, and it really does what it should! Then again, should the internet really rely on trust? :)

@xbytez Nopeeee, never! We all know how that turns out :')

I feel like we need something new for our backbones, something more modern. Maybe not right now, but in the future I think we'll require that at the very least.

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