Giving away a copy of Black Ops 4 on Twitter. Check out @xBytezz if you're interested.

@AtlasFreeman @Tusky oh I would really not like an app choosing what instances I can and cannot access.

I'm actually quite happy has gotten so much more interest again the past few days.

The Artifact section on is amazing right now

@rin I really don't see the issue, I find it funny and creative. You can even just "go back to the future" and restore it.

@valiant Yup! Final day today, make sure to watch the sets from friday and yesterday

Like music? Enjoy EDM? Want to watch and talk about Ultra Music Festival? Come watch the livestream with us at

Pre-party happening. Ultra starts in about an hour. Line-up attached.

@valiant it's all about trust! I like BGP, and it really does what it should! Then again, should the internet really rely on trust? :)

@valiant surely your peers are gonna enjoy that. way to get some reputation for your AS

It's okay Apple, just ask your competitors, they've done wireless charging for years!

AirPods but no wireless charging case? Smells like 🅱roke in here.

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