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who signs a contract for 3 years and then sues them to try get out of it

Time to play Minecraft again, I just can’t be fucked to deal with all the new stuff Microsoft have added. Notch where you at

I can deal with the bad nights, when I'm with my baby

Going back to the “I don’t care” mentality, let people live in their own world I guess

It’s really depressing to have to deal with racism on platforms like YouTube just to be told I’m racist when I defend myself, and try to make the point of eliminating racism entirely lol - idk, there’s too many double standards and racism has become one of them this century. Fuck racism, fighting it with racism doesn’t fix it. We’re humans, only differences by race is a couple of genes. Get over it

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the important part of medieval times was that everybody wore a hat

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Most of my amazement comes from the "how" in things

I played fortnite for the first time in almost a year last night. I only played because my brother wanted me to, although he was amazed at my aim lmao - There’s such a big difference between PC & Console aiming. But he did beat me with the building/mechanics of course 😂

Really enjoying overwatch league, pros playing arcade game modes is so entertaining haha

Plastic at the bottom of the ocean is something I should of expected

If I ever get attacked by a demonic entity, I’m going to play it the hardest track dubstep I can find at the time. It won’t fuck with me then

Okay gonna try nap for a bit, night night for now

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