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the important part of medieval times was that everybody wore a hat

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Most of my amazement comes from the "how" in things

I played fortnite for the first time in almost a year last night. I only played because my brother wanted me to, although he was amazed at my aim lmao - There’s such a big difference between PC & Console aiming. But he did beat me with the building/mechanics of course 😂

@one 3, the sunset is so strong you can feel it. Sunrise/Sunset’s are my favourite :3

Really enjoying overwatch league, pros playing arcade game modes is so entertaining haha

Plastic at the bottom of the ocean is something I should of expected

If I ever get attacked by a demonic entity, I’m going to play it the hardest track dubstep I can find at the time. It won’t fuck with me then

Okay gonna try nap for a bit, night night for now

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Notch is making me to a tiny escape button

@buckket that’s actually hilarious, how much are entries? One Mastodon PR per casino entry to keep the casino up with content? 🎰

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Soon I’ll open a virtual casino where you can place bets if Gargon will merge a specific PR. You’re welcome. #Mastodon

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