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Three is such a shit network here in the UK

Ain’t been on mastodon for a while, what’s happening people?!

I don’t wanna let go but maybe it’s the only choice

The worst monsters are the ones we create

Iran ain’t gonna last long if they keep going on like this

Iran wouldn’t last 5 minutes against the UK. They dipped the second they saw one of our warships, why they even try to take one of our oil tankers? 😂

What would be the best route to take when finding conflicting drivers on windows? Whenever I start AIDA64 without safe mode, the system BSOD’s with BAD_POOL_CALLER - only thing I can assume is drivers as it works fine in safe mode.

Any ideas? Thanks 🙏 ❤️

If you let kids moderate your game, you’ll end up like TruckersMP

I’m questioning whether I should send a message on snapchat to my friend who’s dead. Wouldn’t it be the weirdest thing ever if he responded.

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